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posted by Syrsly on Nov 06, 2011

Many people ask me how I know when to use 'whom' instead of 'who'. There is a simple method to figure it out.

'Whom' is used when 'him' or 'her' is correct grammar. Basically, if you would replace 'who' with 'him' or 'her', you would use 'whom' instead. However, if 'who' would be replaced by 'he' or 'she', it stays as 'who'.

Here are some examples:

This belongs to him.
This belongs to whom?

He finally jumped the fence.
Who jumped the fence?

'Whose' is another confusing word to most people. Many people type "who's" thinking that is the possessive word, when in fact, that means "who is". 'Whose' is the possessive form of 'who'.

Here are a few examples:

That was his fault!
That was whose fault?

He is killing her!
Who's killing her?

As you hear these sentences, the words sound the same, so a lot of people never catch on to the fact that there are two different words being used.

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