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posted by Syrsly on Jun 21, 2012

This is a separated list of 2d and then 3d game engines, sorted alphabetically.

2D Game Engines


Flixel is simply the easiest game engine to use in an ActionScript 3.0 project. It has basic movement physics, including pushable objects, inertia, and gravity. It renders a single bitmap as its screen output and could work well for a split-screen application.

3D Game Engines


Maratis is a WYSIWYG interface for the Ogre3D rendering engine. It supports an added Lua scripting option and also provides a model export script for Blender 2.57.
Website - License is GPL and ZLib.


Unity Pro is a commercial alternative to Maratis and quite possibly a better option. There is a free edition of Unity with watered down features. Unity is extremely impressive, but the cost of the engine alone may scare you away.

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