Terms of Service
posted by Syrsly on Aug 21, 2009

By using the GetLives website, you agree to abide by the rules listed and explained on our Rules page.

You also agree to share information as explained in detail on our Privacy Policy page.

Users submit content to the site on a voluntary basis. No compensation is offered nor expected. All content still belongs to the person or people involved in its creation, however, the administrator reserves the right to add/modify/remove content at his own will. Users who submit content give up their legal right to remove their reviews, and those reviews become the property of the GetLives team as a whole. Some exceptions may be allowed for specific types of content and any content which goes against our rules or breaks international copyright laws. Images and videos used in articles and reviews are for demonstration purposes only and fall under the "fair use" act.

GetLives can not be held responsible for the actions of its users. The Rules and Terms of Service may be omitted or edited or even added onto at any time and without any notice. It is your responsibility to know and abide by these terms and those rules. The admin will put forth a considerable effort to keep users informed about changes to the site and the terms of the site, but this is a courtesy; not a requirement.

Account Ban Policy

After 2 weeks, if your account has never been accessed or your e-mail has not been confirmed, we may delete your account without notice. If your account is inactive for over 9 weeks, we may delete your account. If you do not obey the site rules, your account may be banned or deleted. If you attempt to hack or do anything else to harm the integrity of GetLives.com or any of its affiliates, you may be banned from viewing our site temporarily or permanently at the discretion of the admin.

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