posted by Syrsly on Apr 01, 2010

This page lists all the major rules associated with using this website. The rules must be obeyed. Any rule-breaking will result in temporary or permanent ban from all community-centric features and possibly the site all-together.

  1. No excessive swearing.
  2. No racist/sexist/rude remarks.
  3. Absolutely no pornographic material.
  4. No excessive advertising.
  5. Do not impersonate other GL users.
  6. Do not post spam.
  7. Do not harass other GL users.

Forum Signature

Below are the guidelines for signatures.

Nothing above 60 pixels high.
This means you should not insert images larger than 60 pixels height.
Nothing more than 400 pixels width.
This means you should not insert images larger than 400 pixels width.
No links to other sites.
You may post links in your posts if they are related to the topic, but excessive advertising is frowned upon. If you want to link to your GL threads, those are fine.

Tap decides what is allowed, how to punish offenders, and may change the rules without notification. If you use common sense and be polite, you should be fine.

If you are banned, you may be shown the ban notification page, which has more specific information about why you might be banned.

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