Reviewed by Syrsly on Oct 22, 2011
Game Overview
Microsoft Game Studios
Release Date:
July 20, 2004
Platform Reviewed:
Platforms Available:
PC version seems to require Windows XP, but I have not been able to try that version.

Sudeki was an interesting game and was one of the best role-playing games available on the shooter-laden Xbox. It featured a unique battle system, gorgeous environments, very nice character designs and a fairly interesting story arc. Its flaws were apparent in its dialogue and linear environments.

Sudeki was a very experimental RPG. It had a realtime battle system with both first-person controls and third-person controls. The first-person control system was used for the mage girl and the tech guy, who both shot projectiles to attack enemies. The third-person control system was a comfortable alternative for the melee warriors. The system was very comfortable and did not support button-mashing.

The world you explore in this game is simply wonderful and reminded me a lot of the JRPG genre. The world may look great, but exploring it is almost not a challenge at all. You run into the occasional puzzle, but most of the game is spent running down a linear path. Do not stress over this. They hide the linear path very well with lots of twists and turns. The major problem with a linear path is you are not rewarded well enough for actually exploring. Instead, you just want to zoom through the areas as fast as possible, and that mentality does not suit a game with such a great-looking world.

The characters were very lovable, and I often had trouble figuring out which character I liked most. Every character had his or her limitations and advantages. The look of each playable character was very distinctive.

I have to admit that the dialogue was horrendous. I really liked the plot, but the way characters acted and what they said was far too cliche, and the dialogue sometimes seemed like pointless chatter. You can skip most dialogue, but it is hard to distinguish important story moments from pointless moments, so if you are interested in the story, you have to listen to the garbage.

Overall, this game easily warrants a few days of play time. I think everyone will enjoy its battle system, but expect a few rough edges! The replay value is very low, but the game has that JRPG charm that few American titles share. I recommend this game to all Xbox owners who are collecting RPGs to fill their collection, but I do not recommend getting a Xbox just to play this game.

This game does not work on Xbox 360 as far as I know. If you plan to play any Xbox 1 title on Xbox 360, check the compatibility list available on the Xbox Live website. Most games will not work, and the ones that do work do not always work as well as they did on the original Xbox! Stare

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