Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

Reviewed by The Knox on Feb 11, 2011
Game Overview
Rockstar Games
Rockstar San Diego, Rockstar North
Release Date:
October 26, 2010
Platform Reviewed:
Xbox 360
Platforms Available:
Playstation 3
Xbox 360
1.53 GB of free hard drive space (if downloaded).

user created imageThe fifth downloadable content released for Red Dead Redemption, simply titled “Undead Nightmare”, takes players on an adventure unlike any imagined for the western game. This DLC adopts an alternate single-player story-line before the ending of RDR. After returning to Beecher’s Hope and doing various chores to support his family, John Marston encounters an unexpected undead outbreak in which his wife and son are turned into zombies. The story begins once John ties them up and heads off to the town of Blackwater, promising to find a cure. This DLC for Red Dead Redemption has some much anticipated new voice acting and new scenarios John must fight himself out of. A great overall downloadable content for only 800 Microsoft Points ($10).

The new town system works very well for Undead Nightmare. Undiscovered towns appear on your map as a question mark and require you to help citizens fight undead to be able to sleep and travel from there. All towns (and most gang hideouts) from RDR will show up as question marks and have you team up with other survivors. The only thing that could have been added to this main function of gameplay could be that towns become under attack by zombies more frequently (after you save a town, zombies will attack it again after a certain amount of time). The time between saving the same town is too long for the amount of story provided and should have been increased a bit. I only saved about three towns twice.

Fighting undead is a lot better than it could be in UN (Undead Nightmare). You start out with crappy guns and advance your way to better guns after saving towns. I like the whole progressing through weapons idea; gives the player a sense of accomplishment after replacing a terrible gun with a slightly less terrible gun. You can also unlock bait, boom bait (that attracts zombies to it’s location then explodes Smile) and holy water (burns zombies with holy blue flames). Some unique tools, but I never made much use of them. The blunderbuss is a new weapon also, being a shotgun that will completely destroy undead (fun fun!). Aside from guns, fighting zombies is quite fun. A lot of backpedalling is involved (backing up while aiming at enemies) but ends up making you much slower than your foes. I recommend running a good distance then shooting some living dead! Tongue

The UN package also comes with a new multi-player mode: “Undead Overrun”. This game mode pits you with three posse buddies against a horde of endless undead buggers. A very cool game mode which doesn’t lose it’s appeal too quickly, thought you may have trouble finding people to fight with you (I’m not sure if many people play the online mode or not). The time limit involved and bonus weapons around the map add to the mayhem. For people who love Free Roam the UM pack adds about 8 playable undead characters, including Zombie Ricketts and Zombie Marston!

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Undead Nightmare is a very fun DLC; possibly one of the best DLC’s I’ve downloaded so far. Even though backpedalling away from undead may not be your fancy, the added voice acting from familiar characters and the return to homely towns strengthens the game’s universe. For $10, you can’t get much better than this.

#1 posted on February 12, 2011 - 12:24am

It definitely looks interesting. I like the idea of the new multiplayer mode, but did you like it?

Nice review. I think you are getting better with every review. Keep 'em coming!

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GL Reviewer
#2 posted on February 12, 2011 - 12:26pm

Thanks Jam, it means a lot Laughing out loud

The new multi-player mode was very interesting and kind of reminded me of a Left 4 Dead sort of thing (with co-op and all). I like it fairly enough but have only played it a couple times so far.

What's very interesting about the mode is that the time limit slowly counts down, and to get more time you must open a coffin that appears each wave. Once time runs out the game stops progressing through waves and just sends a huge horde of zombies to finish you off. Very fun; feels like a sort of "last stand".

Killed by a troll on level 14.

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