Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Reviewed by The Knox on Jan 14, 2011
Game Overview
Ubisoft Montreal
Release Date:
May 18, 2010
Platform Reviewed:
Xbox 360
Platforms Available:
Nintendo DS
Nintendo Wii
Playstation 3
Playstation Portable
Xbox 360

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is a nice, refreshing glass of water in the POP franchise. The most recent game, simply titled Prince of Persia, strayed away from many elements that made the series unique (like rewinding time). The game also broke away from the Prince’s main storyline, instead creating some other “Prince” in a different universe and sort of making a new story. Personally, I did not like the new story at all and the game-play was not like the previous games’. Thankfully TFS takes us back to the Prince’s epic story, but not without some flaws.

The graphics are very nice, probably the best I’ve seen in the series. Buildings look great and enemies also. The main flaw I’ve found with graphics is on the main character, the Prince. It seems Ubisoft has been changing his features every game since the first one. Honestly, I think he looks like an ape or caveman of some sort. My brother pointed out that he had a very large forehead. Seeing as the developers put much of their time into graphics they could have made the Prince look more like he did in the Sands of Time, or any other game, really. I just don’t like watching excellent cut-scenes of an ape-ish face.

The story could have been a lot better, but it’s not too bad. Just some ancient army called up by the Prince’s brother Malik overruns his own army and Malik starts to become thirsty for the power the enemies give him by killing them. Then he turns into some crazy beast and you have to kill him to stop the ancient army. You know, the usual. Anyhow, this game is supposed to be set between the first and second games, following a storyline that runs between the first and third games. Nevertheless, being an avid POP fan I failed to see the cohesion between the stories. Not that the stories exactly linked in previous games, but whatever. The story is fine for a POP game.

Now here is where the game frustrates me: the game-play. The Prince runs on walls much slower than he used to. Levers (the ones that rotate in a circle) are a serious pain to turn. A simple press of the jump button will result in the Prince leaping an unrealistic height and distance. Ever since I started playing, these flaws stuck out to me the most. Many of TFS’ other aspects, however, are new and actually enjoyable. There is an experience system now, where you can use points you have gained to buy upgrades and even new abilities (using the powers of earth, water, air, and fire). Eventually you gain the ability to freeze water and can use fountains or waterfalls as poles or walls to run on. Later in the game you also unlock the ability to “recall” certain structures that used to exist but have now crumbled. And finally, this game in the series brings back the ability to rewind time Smile.

user created image
Don't worry, the water's solid.

A nice game and rather lengthy, but I’ll rate this one a 3 out of 5. I enjoyed it but not spectacularly. At least the latest POP game is now somewhat decent Tongue.

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