Outpost Kaloki X

Reviewed by Syrsly on Oct 09, 2010
Game Overview
Rampant Games
Rampant Games
Release Date:
September 10, 2004
Platform Reviewed:
Xbox 360
Platforms Available:
Xbox 360

I bought this game as part of a package deal, so I didn't care about it... until I tried it out. Outpost Kaloki is a great tycoon game. It has an interesting theme, which is to run a space station in, well, space.

The game starts kind of slow, but it uses the slow moments to teach you how to play. It keeps the instructions very easy to understand, and there's even a story to entertain you while you progress.

You will be disappointed to see you move to different stations when you complete goals. Once you complete every goal on the first station, you'll go to the second and so on. This offers a much more interesting set of challenges, but the sense of progression is lost in the process. Your ability to solve the challenges at each station will earn you achievements.

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The graphics are nice to look at, but they get old quick. The scenery rarely changes, and you don't get a lot of decorative animations. For the most part, the visuals are just a bunch of buildings on a three-dimensional platform. You will get bored.

The music is alright but nothing special. The sound effects are nice, too, but again, nothing special. I think the game lacks a sense of community when it comes to the sounds. Most tycoon games give you more background noises, and sometimes, those noises would help keep you focused on the game.

I loved the upgrades. You can upgrade almost every building, and the ones you can't, well, you demolish them and rebuild. The only problem was I had to wait long periods of time before I could upgrade. Also, the amount of upgrades seemed small, giving you only 2 upgrade options per building.

Overall, Outpost Kaloki is up to par with most other tycoon games, but it's not one of the best. It does offer a unique theme, so I recommend trying it. There's a PC demo, and you can find it on Xbox Live Arcade. The PC version has many more scenarios and other goodies than the Xbox 360 version.

Please note, as this is subject of confusion amongst many people, Outpost Kaloki and Outpost Kaloki X are the same game. Outpost Kaloki X is the Xbox 360 version.

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