Fable 2 Platinum Hits

Reviewed by Syrsly on May 02, 2010
Game Overview
Microsoft Game Studios
Release Date:
January 5, 2010
Platform Reviewed:
Xbox 360
Platforms Available:
Xbox 360
Action | Adventure | RPG

Players: 1-2 (same screen, cooperative)
HDMI Friendly: Yes

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Short story shorter, Fable 2 Platinum Hits (F2PH) is Fable 2 with all the bugfixes and downloadable content (DLC) built into it. It's actually quite the bargain, because it wastes less hard drive space and costs less than buying the original Fable 2 and the DLC. It's also not expensive, even if you're buying it new from Amazon, costing you less than $30.

Fable 2 was a great but seriously flawed game. I frequently found game-ending glitches and never found enough clothing to satisfy my dress-up urges. F2PH is a huge improvement. It includes the Knothole Island and "See The Future" expansions, along with all the bugfix updates, which rid me of practically all the glitches. The case isn't anything special, though, and if you have the DLC already, F2PH isn't worth your time.

Knothole Island
This expansion was the first DLC to be released. It wasn't amazing, but it was a nice series of side quests with a very interesting new area, Knothole Island. While the island didn't provide any optional quests, the main quest was enough to satisfy the need for combat, and the extra features the island provided were more than welcome.

Trying not to spoil the end of the original Fable 2, you may lose your dog at some point, and if you want or need him back, there's a stone grave you can sacrifice someone to, to get your dog returned to your side. This allows you to continue doing quests you can't do without your dog.

The other features amount to new clothing and weapons. I have not found everything the island offers, but what I've found includes a full set of knight armor and a magic wand. The wand acts as a very powerful mace or blunt object and has some augment properties I can't honestly recall. All these extra items are more than welcome, but the one item than made my day was the calorie burning potion. It was also possible to get potions to change your height, but nothing beats being slim.

See The Future
This expansion provides a new ending to the original Fable 2 main quest, and while that may seem like an awesome throwback to the original Fable, it's actually a sneak peek at Fable 3. Again, I don't want to spoil the story, but you will get a new outfit at the end of this expansion, and it's a very nice, rich one.

See The Future also provides a new combat experience that I think really is a throwback to Fable fans. In the original Fable, people could load a modded game save that had an almost endless supply of enemies in the Heroes Guild. At the end of See The Future, you get a colosseum that basically pits you against waves of enemies. Unfortunately, you have to fight the weak enemies to get to the fun enemies, and there's a time limit, but there are some very nice rewards. The colosseum is reason enough to continue playing Fable 2 for months to come. It's just fun.

Overall, Fable 2 Platinum Hits offers enough bang for your buck, if you've never played Fable 2 before. I give it an "almost perfect" 4 out of 5. This Fable wasn't a disappointment.

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