Bioshock 2

Reviewed by The Knox on Dec 17, 2010
Game Overview
2K Marin
2K Games
Release Date:
February 9, 2010
Platform Reviewed:
Xbox 360
Platforms Available:
Playstation 3
Xbox 360

Bioshock 2 is an amazing game that completely trumps the first Bioshock in almost every manner possible. Assuming the role of an actual Big Daddy, you’ll travel through the wonderful world of Rapture once again to find your soul-bound Little Sister. The continuity of the series remains top-notch as you’ll see references to the past game quite frequently.

Bioshock 2’s graphics are very good. Very similar to the first game but improved lighting and effects. Not much has improved from the first Bioshock but the graphics remain good nonetheless. I especially love the fire effects. Tongue

The gameplay is great. Having a vast array of weapons each with three different ammo types is almost overkill. But it is very fun to kill your opponents in radically different ways with different weapons each encounter. Also, the large amount of gene tonics (passive abilities that help during combat) and new plasmids (aggressive combat powers like fire, electricity, and ice) add to the insane mayhem that is the fighting system of Bioshock 2. Many times in the campaign you might come across a Big Daddy with a Little Sister under his wing. Being able to kill the Big Daddy, take the Little Sister and use her to gather Adam (genetic material required to purchase gene tonics and plasmids) greatly adds to the depth that Bioshock 2 reaches out to. What I love the most that utilizing Little Sisters (which can add hours to the game) is totally optional.

The world of Rapture outdoes itself again in B2. The game goes into greater immersion of the events surrounding the fall of Rapture, with many more audio diaries and a host of new and varied voice actors within the diaries. Splicers roam the sea-bottom city and are as ferocious as ever. Old-fashioned music is plentiful. There are even more types of Big Daddies to take on! This game setting is a great place to return to if you are itching for a “blast to the ocean past”.

user created imageB2’s story is rather long and detailed. Which is good! What I’d like to point out is that there are about three important decision to kill or let someone live who are important to the plot. Also, the game has four different endings. Cool! Although this game’s story is somewhat less epic than the story proposed by the first Bioshock, it is a good story. Just a quick run-through of the plot.

In concluding this review, I’d recommend this game, whether you’d want to rent it or buy it used or whatever. Bioshock 2 surpasses its predecessor in generally every way. Look out for Bioshock Infinite, to be announced in the near future!

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