Battlefield 1943

Reviewed by The Knox on Mar 11, 2011
Game Overview
Electronic Arts
EA Digital Illusions CE
Release Date:
July 8, 2009
Platform Reviewed:
Xbox 360
Platforms Available:
Playstation 3
Xbox 360
559.32 MB of free hard drive space. An online connection and Xbox Gold member status. Note: This game is solely an online game. It will not play if there is no connection to the internet.

If you crave a blast to online World War II combat (without the Call of Duty franchise being involved) then Battlefield: 1943 is a great choice. Being a mere $15 and available to download straight to your hard drive, the convenience couldn’t be greater. You pay for what you get; 3 maps of intense, colorful warfare reign your console with unrelenting fervency. Even though the same maps may get a bit old after a while (since no DLC is available for the game), $15 goes a long way to providing instant fun with friends.

The graphics are recognizably Battlefield-esque and the gameplay is very similar to other games in the series. The main aspects that set this aside from other game of the franchise is that vehicles and weapons are strictly from the World War II era. This game has also narrowed the classes to 3: rifleman, infantryman, and scout. Health now slowly regenerates over time, so the medic class was driven off. I enjoy the narrow selection, seems to fit such a small game.

This doesn’t merit a very long review; a short one should suffice. A great price for a great game; if you and your friends plan to get this together, the squad system will work very well to group you and keep you together in games. A good buy if you want a cheap and easy to play game. However, if you are looking for a game to hold you over until the release of Battlefield 3 (and have a bit more cash on hand), I would recommend Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It has a much more structured multiplayer and the addition of the VIP code gives you 7 extra maps to toil around in.

Fun game! Doesn’t get old too fast. My friends and I had lots of fun driving around and destroying buildings Battlefield style.

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