Reviewed by Syrsly on Jul 10, 2012
Game Overview
Boss Game Studios
Release Date:
February 26, 1997
Platform Reviewed:
Platforms Available:

Spider is a unique concept, however, it seems like just that: a concept. The game feels incomplete and rushed.

The graphics were pretty good for their time, but they are simply bland imagery by today's standards. The game does have some entertaining cinematics with a production quality close to that of Final Fantasy VII, but the in-game environments are not nearly as fun to look at.

The sound is basic and just not interesting.

The gameplay is fairly basic, as well. Looking back on this game, it is hard to tell what I liked about it when I was younger! That said, it has some challenge to it, and it is a unique concept, so the gameplay experience is still one to remember.

The concept is that you are a human trapped in a biotechnologically enhanced spider. You have to run through computer-related environments to try to stop the evil organization behind your untimely death. Don't worry, it is fairly kid-friendly despite the theme.

Overall, the game is fairly boring, but it is memorable. I think that the game should be remade for modern computers and include some more interesting gameplay.

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