Intelligent Qube

Reviewed by Syrsly on May 23, 2010
Game Overview
Release Date:
September 30, 1997
Platform Reviewed:
Platforms Available:
Playstation 3
Playstation Portable
Casual | Puzzle

user created image Intelligent Qube (pronounced cube) is a classic puzzle game with some action elements. It was created for the original Playstation and later ported to the Playstation Network as "Intelligent Qube Remix" or "IQ Remix." It featured fast-paced puzzle-solving in a glossy 3d cube environment.

IQ was, without a doubt, one of my favorite PSX (or PSOne) games, and it's one of my favorite puzzle games, period. It sort of solves the "blocks are too boring to look at" problem Tetris and other similar games had. You were required to run on top of a box platform as a tiny human character, not really knowing why, just doing it. The lack of story is a good thing, because it's a puzzle game and really shouldn't bother you with such trivial things as plot.

user created imageAnyway, you play as the little guy, running around, avoiding blocks, setting mines, blowing blocks (cubes, sorry) up, and all the while, the blocks roll toward the opposite end of the stage. Should you destroy a black cube, part of your stage falls off, making the game harder. Should you destroy a green cube, you get a green mine, which can blow up every cube around it.

The controls are easy to learn, and the tutorials (aptly named "Rules") explain everything you need to know. If you're not one for tutorials, you can pretty much wing it, as long as you understand what three buttons do. 'X' lays or explodes a mine, square fast-forwards the movement of the blocks, and triangle explodes the green mines. Obviously, the arrow buttons move your character.

user created imageIf you keep the stage intact, you get bonus points, allowing your score to raise higher, effectively raising your "IQ score," so your primary objective is to avoid destroying black cubes while staying on the platform. If, however, you destroy every cube that isn't black, you're complimented by the announcer yelling "PERFECT" and the stage growing. Therefore, your secondary objective is to destroy every cube that isn't black. This is how IQ gets challenging, but it's not to the point where it's insanely hard or frustrating.

You'll enjoy your failures, improve your puzzle-solving ability, and eventually grow tired of this game. However, you may go back to it in a few years, like I did, and remember the old days. This is a memorable experience and worth checking out.

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