Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars

Reviewed by Syrsly on Jun 24, 2012
Game Overview
Release Date:
May 5, 2006
Platform Reviewed:
Personal Computer
Platforms Available:
Online play no longer works, but you can use Hamachi to turn LAN mode into an online game.

Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars was insanely fun when it came out, but it is now a somewhat dated game, even though it is only a 2006 release.

The graphics are nice for their time and hold up well against most other games in its genre. The system requirements are fairly low by today's standards. However, the game does not get to be in our low-end category, because there are some major framerate issues even on modern hardware. The game was made for Windows XP and does not seem to be very compatible with Windows 7, and the online features no longer work, even though the game is not that old yet. You can still get a semi-online experience using the LAN options and a routing service, like Hamachi.

The music is phenomenal, while the sound effects and voice tracks are fair. The biggest issue I have with the sound effects is the timing. The sounds themselves sound nice. The time that they play, however, is almost never appropriate. For example, when you click a rock, it makes the ding sound of a pickaxe. However, when any character hits a rock, no sound is made. Basically, you have a very dull atmosphere as far as sound goes. The voice tracks are simply annoying at times. I find the characters' voices monotone and unexciting and tend to just skip the dialogue.

I skip the dialogue for other reasons, as well. The dialogue is usually extremely pointless and extremely lengthy. You will definitely find certain portions of dialogue simply stupid, and most of the game's story suffers through this system of pointless dialogue. For example, you could talk to a woman for a quest and end up skipping through 20 pages of this woman complaining that her son is missing. Yeah, that could use some editing. It would be fun if the dialogue had a point or was acted emotionally, but with uninteresting subplots and monotone voices, you will probably just skip it all.

The main plot of Shadow Wars involves the Shaikan, the main player character, and his party of heroes and heroines helping fend off the forces of evil while attempting to find out what is going on in the Shaikan's head. Apparently, there are two people in the player character's body, and only one of them belongs there. The plot gets interesting from time to time, but the dull acting makes it hard to justify paying it any attention. That said, the introduction video was pretty fun and introduced a very important heroine.

Overall, I love this game for its unique blend of strategy and RPG, and if you can get LAN working, you can enjoy some very good 2-6 players coop play. Glasses However, now that Spellforce 2: Faith in Destiny is out, there is not much point in getting this game except to see how the plot turns out.

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