Space Rangers

Reviewed by Syrsly on Sep 18, 2012
Game Overview
1C Company
Elemental Games
Release Date:
June 11, 2004
Platform Reviewed:
Personal Computer
Platforms Available:
233MHz processor, 64MB RAM, 300MB hard drive space, 32MB GPU.

Space Rangers is a strategy sim about space age trading. It has a mix of strategy and action with a galactic economy. The gameplay starts very slow and picks up as you progress. The story is text-based, and the visuals are nothing exciting, but the system requirements are also very low. It is a decent game but not worth the price.

The trading element is all about finding or buying supplies and selling them for a profit. You can very easily play the market by buying low and selling high. However, you have a limited storage space in your ship, so you have to balance what supplies you carry with the materials you find in space. You find materials by destroying asteroids or even ships and using your magnetic cargo hook to drag items into your ship. Everything that goes into your ship takes up space.

There are many distractions from the trading element, including a very detailed story and ship customizations. The story is completely text-based, so you will not enjoy it unless you're in the mood to read. The ship customizations revolve around swapping out components, like the engine or fuel tank or the magnetic cargo hook or weapons.

The menus are unfortunately confusing, and the controls are poorly designed. The action sequences use the ctrl key to fire and the arrow keys to move, while the strategy elements are turn-based and require using the mouse. The menu elements are scattered and nested in screens of dialogue. The bottom of the screen is often filled with hint icons which do not have an obvious way to be disabled or removed. The way you remove each icon that pops up is right-click on it, but that is not made obvious to the player. There are no control settings, and the tutorial does not run through the controls thoroughly. The hint bubbles mention some controls but not all of them. Be prepared to have to experiment a little to learn how the game works and how to navigate the menus.

Overall, the game does not offer enough for its price. The sequel, Space Rangers 2, costs the same amount yet has more polish and more to offer. However, the original Space Rangers was also in a bundle deal, and if you can get this game for less than $3, you should snatch it right away. I enjoyed Space Rangers, but I rate it low, because it really is not worth buying at $10. It can be a fairly enjoyable but casual experience.

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