Slayaway Camp

Reviewed by Syrsly on Sep 26, 2017
Game Overview
Blue Wizard Digital
Blue Wizard Digital
Release Date:
October 25, 2016
Platform Reviewed:
Personal Computer
Platforms Available:
Casual | Childish | Horror
Windows 7+, Mac, or Linux. Core i (i3, i5, i7) Level CPU or AMD 64-bit 2.0GHz or higher. Supports Intel integrated graphics. Recommends discrete GPU with 1GB VRAM. DirectX 9.0c+. 285MB free space.

Slayaway Camp delivers a solid horror parody in the form of a puzzle game.

Disclaimer: I was given my copy from the developer for my Twitch stream. I was not told to review it. I just felt like it was a great game and I want you all to know I may be a little biased with this review.

With that out of the way, Slayaway Camp offers a lot of replay value. It has plenty of unlockables and some frustratingly challenging puzzles as well as tons of humorous content to wade through. If a puzzle gets too tough to figure out, you often can spend your coins on walkthroughs, though I imagine you could just as easily open a browser and watch someone's playthrough of the game. Regardless, you can skip levels if they become frustrating, but you won't get all the rewards for completing a movie if you skip scenes. You'll earn coins every time you complete a scene, so if you have trouble with a scene, you'll easily be able to get the coins for the walkthrough by completing old scenes over again.

This game is hilarious and offers both a gore-filled experience and a less fun, less gore-filled experience. You don't have to play it with the blood effects. I have not tried to play it with gore disabled, though, so I cannot comment on how well it hides or censors the murders. It's not exactly a game created for kids, mind you. It's a game about horror movie murderers and the silly but ultimately gory movies they star in.

Overall, it's a great game. I recommend it to anyone who likes horror movies enough to make fun of them. If you like puzzles, you'll enjoy it even more. Slayaway Camp gets a 4/5. It's not a perfect gem of a game, but it's a lot of fun and very affordable.

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