Serious Sam Double D

Reviewed by Syrsly on Feb 13, 2012
Game Overview
Devolver Digital
Mommy's Best Games
Release Date:
August 30, 2011
Platform Reviewed:
Personal Computer
Platforms Available:
Windows XP or higher, 2GHz processor.

Serious Sam Double D is a 2d, side-scrolling shooter based on the Serious Sam universe. It has a plethora of features you will get a kick out of or at least laugh at, and you will love the gun-stacking. With all its neat features and fun ideas, you would expect something more.

Serious Sam is known for its humor and carnage, and you get both from Serious Sam Double D. The story is very pointless but also very funny. The dialogue is meant to make the player laugh. The characters are as bizarre as they come. You are looking at beheaded chicks with bombs over their boobs as they run straight at you like kamikaze bombers.

The game offers a few unique features and hides a few old school platforming features, as well. The unique feature I think everyone will find interesting is gun-stacking. You can stack your guns on top of each other and use five or six guns at the same time. The gun-stacking feature does not seem to make the game any less challenging, but it is fun to experiment with.

Unfortunately, the old school platforming features are very crudely fashioned and do not feel smooth. Jumping is awkward, the controls are not responsive, and even the guns seem to randomly lock up while moving. The moving platforms do not normally move the character with them, so you have to move your character with the platforms in some cases, which seems very unnatural to me. It seems like the developers got very lazy with some of the platforming features and just threw them in for the sake of having them.

Finally, the sound design is less than stellar, but it is bearable. I did not like hearing all the grunt and moan noises over and over again. I found the dialogue was not voice-acted. I could also complain that the sound effects for enemy deaths sounded exactly the same no matter what enemy was dying or how they died.

The level design is very basic and unexciting. I did not appreciate the enemy spawn points, which were very poorly chosen. The game seemed less interesting than most of the platforming games I played on Kongregate, which were actually free games. I think the game has potential as far as level design is concerned, but the developers were too lazy to design some real challenges in the levels. You simply have to get from point a to point b without getting hit very often.

After the humor, the second most redeemable feature was the quick save button. The ability to quickly save the game is a nice feature for casual gamers. I rarely see games with slow saving, though, so the extra few seconds you save is not a big deal for most players.

For how cheap this game is, it is a decent 2d shooter, but it offers very little replay value. I only recommend it to those with an itchy trigger finger and a lack of other options. Basically, the game did not have merit, but it was not necessarily boring, neither.

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