Dungeon Defenders

Reviewed by Syrsly on Dec 23, 2011
Game Overview
Trendy Ent.
Trendy Ent.
Release Date:
October 19, 2011
Platform Reviewed:
Personal Computer
Platforms Available:
Xbox 360
This game should run on most modern computers with at least 2GB RAM and a decent graphics card. It has a lot of options for lowering the graphics requirements.

Hello, everyone. I want to start this review with my apologies to anyone who thought this was a MMORPG. This is a MORPG, emphasis on the single 'M'. What that means is the game doesn't have tons of players running around in a world doing quests. This is more like a third-person shooter mixed with a hack-and-slash RPG, supporting split-screen, 4-player gameplay with online options!

As far as online multiplayer goes, there is a Ranked mode and an Open mode. Ranked mode allows for a highly moderated, controlled environment to play in, while open mode is generally for player-generated content which cannot be allowed in Ranked mode. I recommend playing in Ranked mode when possible.

The game supports Xbox 360 controllers (required for 4-player split-screen) and keyboard/mouse control schemes, and I found the mouse/keyboard controls very welcoming, but I think most users will prefer the Xbox 360 option when possible. Most players seem to prefer typing to communicate (including myself), but voice chat is supported and seems to work well.

What does not work well is the game itself. It may be incompatible with 64-bit OSs, I cannot be sure, but I frequently experience crashes and freezes, even at the lowest of graphical settings. I also get disconnected from my own server whenever Steam decides to disconnect me from its chat/friends server, which means a lot of downtime when Steam is overwhelmed, and I notice Steam also has poor performance on 64-bit systems, so maybe these similar problems are directly related.

Overall, what it comes down to is content. Does the game provide enough content to satisfy based on its so-called reasonable price? The short answer is yes. The long answer is not really. The game is insanely repetitive, and to make the game any fun, you need the DLC, which costs more than the game. Therefore, I highly recommend staying away from this game unless the price is considerably low. What is a low enough price, that is for you to decide.

PC When we refer to PC, we mean personal computers, so be sure you read what operating systems support this game. Currently, we review games for Mac, Windows, Linux, and DOS.

Another thing to look for when browsing PC games is the system requirements. There are really 4 things you need to worry about: RAM or memory, processor, video card, and finally, the hard drive space. Memory can be upgraded fairly easily, and it shouldn't cost much. We recommend having at least 1GB memory, 2GB if possible. Your processor needs to be fairly modern, and a Pentium 4 probably won't cut it. We recommend a 1.8Ghz Core 2 Duo or better. Your video card should support DirectX 9 (or higher) and have a minimum of 256mb memory attached to it. We recommend 512mb or greater. Hard drive space is subjective, but we recommend having a fairly large amount of space. You could settle for as little as 40gb and be able to play most games, but we recommend having 80gb or more space to make sure you have room for multiple games at once. Most PC games don't run straight from their disc. They usually require an install process, and most modern games require around 8gb of free space to install.

PC controller PCs are the ultimate game console, because they can be upgraded, and they will never go out of style. PCs can also play most old game systems through emulators, so if you lose your Playstation, you can just play your games on your PC. You can also play classic arcade titles and have infinite coins!

A lot of people complain about having to use a mouse and keyboard to play PC games. This isn't a requirement, fortunately, and we have what we call gamepads or joypads. Yes, we can use game controllers! We can even use Xbox controllers! That said, it's not as plug-and-play as a game console, and some games simply will not work with your joypad. Fortunately, Steam tells you if games support controllers, and if your favorite game doesn't support them, you can map the controllers to keyboard and mouse controls.

Just be careful when buying PC games. Read reviews carefully. If a game gets a 1/5, don't buy it. If your PC is a cheapie, don't expect modern 3d games to work. Read the system requirements very carefully. If you don't know anything about your system, you can find help in the PC Stuff forum.
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