Dead Island

Reviewed by Syrsly on Sep 28, 2011
Game Overview
Release Date:
September 6, 2011
Platform Reviewed:
Personal Computer
Platforms Available:
Playstation 3
Xbox 360
2GB RAM (4GB recommended).

Dead Island is a zombie apocalypse mixed with a tiny portion of standard RPG goodness, but it is no Fallout 3. The world is free roam, and the fighting is interesting. This game is extremely glitchy and unbalanced. What Dead Island lacks in stability, it more than makes up for with fun.

The story is very short, but there are a lot of side quests. The plot is fairly predictable, and it is filled with cliche moments, but it is still enjoyable while it lasts.

The cutscenes are great moments, but in many cases, we encountered trucks spawning into scenes and characters randomly running into walls. We also encountered some graphical hiccups in a couple cutscenes, and some scenes were just black screens. We noticed a few scenes which did not match their in-game environments. All these problems are easily forgivable on their own, but when you combine them, the game seems awfully rushed.

Most of the characters look horrible, even the player characters, but the graphics in this game are still a dream to look upon. The environments are pretty, especially the water, and the atmospheric effects, like smoke and splashes, give it some realism. The enemy characters are fun to look at while they are alive, but once they die, they become dull, lifeless corpses. Overall, the game is gorgeous, but it also requires a very powerful graphics card.

Combat is where the game really shines! The amount of ways to kill an enemy is astounding. You can kill them with knives, swords and guns. You can kick them. You can jump-kick them. You can blow them up. You can run them over. You can set them on fire or electrocute them!

Throughout the game, all you're really doing is fighting hordes of zombies, anyway.

The characters level with you, so you are never too tough for the game! This may seem great at first, because you are always confronted my enemies you actually have to fight, but when you play with higher level players, you are stuck fighting zombies twice your level, everywhere you go. Also, the zombies in the start area should be easy, but when you restart the game, the zombies will start at the level they left off at in the ending of the game. This can be a good thing for difficulty hounds, but I find that it unbalances the game in favor of the zombies and makes weapons somewhat pointless to upgrade.

Collectable items in the game are in abundance. Everywhere you look, there are items to be picked up. What I normally saw were energy drinks and snack bars for healing and junk to throw at enemies. Looting in this game is greatly satisfying.

I want to give this game a perfect score, because I had lots of fun, but I noticed some game-breaking glitches and some very crappy quest objectives. Also the story was a little weak and could use a bit more of what we saw in the teaser trailer with the piano-keyed sadness and the time-reversing respawn. I so wish it worked that way!

Overall, Dead Island is a great coop action RPG and a unique experience. If you want a good coop experience, this is second only to Portal 2 in my opinion. If you are sick of games like Halo and Call of Duty but you do not like puzzles, skip Portal 2 and get Dead Island.

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PC controller PCs are the ultimate game console, because they can be upgraded, and they will never go out of style. PCs can also play most old game systems through emulators, so if you lose your Playstation, you can just play your games on your PC. You can also play classic arcade titles and have infinite coins!

A lot of people complain about having to use a mouse and keyboard to play PC games. This isn't a requirement, fortunately, and we have what we call gamepads or joypads. Yes, we can use game controllers! We can even use Xbox controllers! That said, it's not as plug-and-play as a game console, and some games simply will not work with your joypad. Fortunately, Steam tells you if games support controllers, and if your favorite game doesn't support them, you can map the controllers to keyboard and mouse controls.

Just be careful when buying PC games. Read reviews carefully. If a game gets a 1/5, don't buy it. If your PC is a cheapie, don't expect modern 3d games to work. Read the system requirements very carefully. If you don't know anything about your system, you can find help in the PC Stuff forum.
#1 posted on October 24, 2011 - 12:27pm

I Played this game on Xbox but i heard many people were victims of an update that deleted saves in the game and im wondering were u any of those victims? Plus the game awesome loving Xian. Party

#2 posted on October 24, 2011 - 12:28pm

I never had any save problems, no corruption, no deletion.

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GL Reviewer
#3 posted on October 24, 2011 - 11:30pm

He is referring to the first day issue. They removed certain things of the so called 'Dev' copy and it corrupted many pc player's saves. Mine wasn't effected.

user created image

#4 posted on October 25, 2011 - 7:10pm

Oh, well, I lost my PSU that day, so I had to wait a few days before I could really play it.

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