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Game Title Rating Platform Reviewed Release Datesort icon Genre(s)
Nexuiz 2/5 Personal Computer May 10, 2012 Action, First-Person, Shooter
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 5/5 Personal Computer November 11, 2011 Action, Dungeon-crawler, First-Person, RPG, Sandbox, Shooter, Simulation, Stealth, Third-Person
Dungeon Defenders 3/5 Personal Computer October 19, 2011 Action, First-Person, Hack-and-slash, RPG, Shooter, Third-Person, Tower Defense
Dead Island 4/5 Personal Computer September 6, 2011 Action, First-Person, Horror, RPG, Sandbox, Shooter
Serious Sam Double D 3/5 Personal Computer August 30, 2011 Action, Casual, Platformer, Shooter
Deus Ex: Human Revolution 5/5 Personal Computer August 23, 2011 Action, Adventure, First-Person, RPG, Sandbox, Shooter, Stealth
Brink 3/5 Personal Computer May 9, 2011 First-Person, Shooter
Hydrophobia: Prophecy 4/5 Personal Computer May 9, 2011 Action, Adventure, Platformer, Shooter, Third-Person
Sanctum 3/5 Personal Computer April 15, 2011 Action, First-Person, Shooter, Strategy, Tower Defense
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light 4/5 Personal Computer September 28, 2010 Action, Adventure, Dungeon-crawler, Platformer, Puzzle, Shooter, Third-Person
Lead and Gold 2/5 Personal Computer April 8, 2010 Action, Shooter, Third-Person
Dead Wake 2/5 Personal Computer October 11, 2009 Shooter, Strategy, Third-Person
Mass Effect 3/5 Personal Computer May 28, 2008 Adventure, RPG, Shooter, Third-Person
Zombie Shooter 2/5 Personal Computer December 29, 2007 Action, Casual, Dungeon-crawler, Horror, Shooter
Jade Empire 4/5 Personal Computer February 26, 2007 Fighting, RPG, Shooter, Third-Person
Daikatana 3/5 Personal Computer March 30, 2000 Action, First-Person, RPG, Shooter
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