The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

Reviewed by Syrsly on Sep 25, 2012
Game Overview
Release Date:
June 19, 2011
Platform Reviewed:
Nintendo 3DS
Platforms Available:
Nintendo 64
Nintendo Gamecube
Nintendo Wii
Action | Kawaii | RPG | Third-Person
Good hand-eye coordination.

While this is mostly just a port of an old game, the original version of this game, Ocarina of Time, was a brilliant N64 title. The way it transfers to the 3DS is both beautiful and comfortable.

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See what items you have
without pausing the game.

To start, the game is almost an exact duplicate of the old N64 game. It is a remake, however, in the sense that extra features were added and the graphics were improved. The use of the 3DS touch screen allows for some faster and more comfortable access to the ocarina and Navi's annoying advice. It is also used to display two of the C-button functions since the amount of physical buttons on the 3DS is less than the N64. Do not worry about that, though, because it works well, better than on the N64. I do, however, prefer physical buttons when I can use them.

The sound effects and music are all the same audio we heard from the original N64 version, nothing different at all. Some of the sound effects may have been tweaked a tiny bit to make them less annoying or less repetitive, but overall, the audio in this version is the same as it always was. Granted, the 3DS speaker makes the music sound very nice.

The gameplay is also pretty much the same as ever. There are some slight differences considering the 3DS control scheme. The way you aim is you actually move the 3DS rather than adjust the view with the joystick. This allows the coordinated player to aim more efficiently. The lack of pausing the game to get to your inventory allows for smoother combat and less time used to swap items. It does, however, seem a little discomforting at first and will take some practice if you're not used to working with 2 screens.

The Master Quest is included for those of us who like a good challenge, but to be perfectly honest, I think that feature is passable. If you want a difficult game, OoT3D can be a little challenging sometimes, but you are better off getting something with a faster pace. This game is designed to challenge your puzzle-solving skills a tiny bit while offering a lot of casual fun in the form of somewhat easy combat, lots of sword play, and memorable music. Master Quest offers some replay value to those of us with too much free time. Wink

Having Ocarina of Time properly ported to a portable console is a dream come true. I highly recommend this game to everyone who loved the original N64 game and to anyone looking to play a great action adventure game. I do not think it is too old to enjoy. It is a brilliant game that looks great and sounds great and plays great.

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