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More Steam Contests Planned

I have a small collection of game gifts on my Steam account, and I am saving some of the gifts for contests later in the year. Ultimately, we will have more contests coming, but I do not want to run any more contests until the forum post count is over 9000 1400. We are at 1204 right now, so we are well on our way.

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Layout Upgraded

GL has been upgraded to a new layout, and with the extensive remodeling, I have thrown in some extra features and minor changes. Below is a guide to all that is new.

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And the winner is...

GL's first contest had a surprisingly disappointing turnout. Sad There were many hit-and-run entries, and most users did not provide a Steam username! There were only three valid entries, so the prize had to go to Kaustos, Knox, or saxoraros.

So the winner is... Knox!

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Removal of PlayStation Forum

The PlayStation forum has been deleted. All 3 of its topics have been moved to the main Games forum. I also made a small change to the Contests page to include the entire date range of each contest, not just the month they started.

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Review Updates

I'm going through old reviews and updating their scores if I feel I need to. The first review to be changed is our latest one, Two Worlds II, because I discovered many shortcomings in the game. Instead of a 4/5, I gave it a 3/5.

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New Section: Contests

I added a new section to the site: Contests.

The first contest to get us started is Win a Random Steam Game Up to $20!

Win a Random Steam Game up to $20!

posted by Syrsly on Apr 05, 2011

Want to buff you PC game collection? Whether you use Steam already or want to give it a try, you may want to enter this random drawing for one Steam game of up to $20 value.

The details:

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Latest Reviews

I just wanted everyone to know about the new "Latest Reviews" block at the top of the GL Portal and the front page. It will list the 3 newest reviews. Any review without a game cover will get a "cover is missing" image instead.

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Site Slowdown

The site has a very slow load time right now. I'm not sure why, and it is very annoying, but it should clear up eventually. Anyway, I want to move to a different server in the next couple months. I am already making a list of possible hosts to move to.

In less than a week, I will have some break time from school, and I plan to use that free time to work on a new Flash game.

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Upgrade Achieved!

GL has new features! I took the liberty of adding an achievements subsystem to the profiles. Now, every user has a score, similar to the gamerscore of Xbox Live and Games for Windows Live. You can view any user's score and achievements straight from their profile pages.

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