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Website Revamps and Contests

I have decided to run more contests, but I am doing them a bit differently now. Instead of having people sign up for contests via forms, I am requiring users to participate in discussions within the forums. Our first contest to be run this way is allowing you to win Nexuiz by talking about it.

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3DS Reviews Coming Soon! Need Your Thoughts!

I have added a system to the reviews roster: Nintendo 3DS!

Magicka Winner: Kaiburr30!

posted by Syrsly on Dec 17, 2011

user created imageWinner's name: Kaiburr30
Winner's Steam account: Kaiburr30

Reason won: Randomly won out of 11 entries.

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Two Contests Almost Over and Achievements

Check out the new Achievements list. I added two new achievements and fixed the achievement and score counters on profile pages, as well. All this was in celebration of our site reaching 9000 unique visitors per month!

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Showing Signs of Improvement

First off, let me congratulate Kaiburr30 for winning Nation Red! The contest ended today, and out of four valid entries, you won! I will send you the game right now! Keep in mind that you may have to check your e-mail to claim the gift.

Win Nation Red

posted by Syrsly on Nov 01, 2011

Halloween may be over, this year, but it will be back again, next year! Better be prepared for the next wave of zombie games by playing Nation Red!

user created imageYou could win a free copy of Nation Red on Steam, thanks to Tap!

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A look back. Nostalgia.

I was browsing old files aimlessly on the web server, and I found a screenshot of GL in its first form:

user created image

Amazing how much the place has changed since I first started the site in the spring of 2010, huh?

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Reviews: Features

Reviews have been missing something for a while now, and I figured out 2 things they needed:

  1. funny image captions!
  2. list of technical features!

Win Magicka on Steam!

posted by Syrsly on Sep 18, 2011

user created imageYou could win a free copy of Magicka on Steam, thanks to Tap!


  • You must have a GetLives account to enter.
  • You must have an active Steam account to receive your prize, if you win!
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