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posted by Syrsly on 11/11/2011

First off, let me congratulate Kaiburr30 for winning Nation Red! The contest ended today, and out of four valid entries, you won! I will send you the game right now! Keep in mind that you may have to check your e-mail to claim the gift.

Second, I was making my monthly backup of the site, and I came across some good omens. The site has jumped from 200 unique visitors, last month, to over 600 unique visitors, this month! That's an activity rise of about 300% in just two weeks! Now, to celebrate this good news, I am giving away Bioshock 2. Also, Magicka is still up for grabs, so be sure you enter that contest soon.

I am going to do the Bioshock 2 giveaway a little differently, though! On GL, every time you post or make a comment, you get a point. Well, whoever has the most points by the end of December will win Bioshock 2. Yes, this gives older members an advantage, because they may have some points accumulated already, but I am hoping this contest will spark some much needed activity on the forums. If you want to win, there are some ground rules:

You must opt in to enter the contest by going to the form and answering a couple questions.
Winner will be the user with the highest amount of points who entered the contest before the deadline.
If you win, you must have an active Steam account with a valid e-mail to claim your prize.

If this contest goes well, I may very well do this again. Get posting!

P.S. No, there is not a list of who has the most points. You can, however, see who has the most achievement points here. I check the points manually for now. Cool

#1 posted on November 22, 2011 - 3:19pm

To help keep our reviews organized as the collection grows, I have enhanced the sorting capabilities and given the list a nice, useful menu system. Cool

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#2 posted on November 23, 2011 - 8:41pm

Oh, whoops. Tongue Didn't know you were doing another giveaway. I'll try to post a bit more now.

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