A look back. Nostalgia.
posted by Syrsly on 10/06/2011

I was browsing old files aimlessly on the web server, and I found a screenshot of GL in its first form:

user created image

Amazing how much the place has changed since I first started the site in the spring of 2010, huh?

I miss those days, but I do not know why. Everything is better today. Perhaps I just have a dose of healthy nostalgia? Perhaps, perhaps not.

The site, back then, was a lot simpler and easier to navigate. The color scheme was more obvious. The reviews were insanely basic and had next to no additional info. Everything was just easier to work with and easier to maintain.

That said, GL is my pet project, and nothing I did to the site was bad in my eyes. I love the changes. I just hope everyone else agrees with me!

Now, I need a game plan. Here it is:

  1. Redesign TapSkill.com layout.
  2. Finish the rest of NP-Photo.com.
  3. Start a new art portfolio on my site.
  4. Improve the GL "Recent Comments" list.
  5. Give GL a shop system to spend points.
  6. Create a web-based game for GL members.
  7. Integrate shop system with in-game items.

If I can manage to get all of my plans accomplished before December, I will be very happy with myself. Party I may even give away a few more games!

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