HTC Vive First Impressions
posted by Syrsly on Nov 23, 2016

I know, I know, guys, GetLives is dead. That's not going to stop me from bragging about my Vive purchase, okay!?

Anyway, the HTC Vive is awesome, but there are some shortcomings. For starters, it's not very portable, and it requires a whole room to be dedicated to its use. Without a significant amount of space, you won't get to enjoy roomscale VR experiences, and that's where the Vive truly shines.

The Vive is also much more demanding than a typical computer monitor. It runs at 90fps and has a combined resolution of 2160 x 1200 pixels for displaying both eye images. It also requires use of a monitor. You can't just turn it on and play your games. That's 90fps for the headset and an additional 60fps for your typical monitor, a 150 frames per second combined rendering expectation. That framerate requires a lot of processing power and a very powerful GPU.

The VivePort software and SteamVR do not work well together and can't be used in conjunction with each other unless you want to use VivePort's background image settings in SteamVR. VivePort also had a terrible framerate on my GTX 1060 the first time I tried it, which scared me away from it for a while... mostly because I want the non-game software to not be too resource intensive.

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