Guild Wars 2 3-day headstart suffers from lag
posted by Syrsly on Aug 25, 2012

Guild Wars 2 officially opened only a few hours ago for people who pre-purchased the game thanks to the "3-day headstart" bonus. However, the game download was a massive 20gb right off the bat, and the game is suffering from server meltdown.

We all want Guild Wars 2 to be a big success and finally prove that MMORPGs can be diverse and interesting and actually offer a fun experience. However, the developers need to take precautions against flooded servers. Instead of limiting players to a single server on character creation, let us simply choose the server we want to play on as soon as the game loads. That way, if a server gets too busy for us, we can always move to another one. Of course, the game switches us to backup servers if our home servers get too populated, but the players should be able to choose a different server on their own without having to pay for character moving fees.

Now, GW2, so far, has been pretty interesting. I enjoy the game when it is not laggy or frozen on a cutscene. I think that the pre-purchase items are nice, but honestly, I think I would rather pay a lower price and lose the 3-day headstart due to the lag. If the devs warned us about there being drastic lag during this time period, I would have waited to purchase the game.

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