Why Software Piracy is Bad
posted by Syrsly on Jul 14, 2012

I said a long while ago that I would create an article about digital piracy. More specifically, I wanted to cover why piracy is bad not only for business but for you as well.

Piracy isn't stealing, because I am not taking anything away.

False. You are stealing regardless of whether or not something is not taken away. Ever heard of stealing information? If you get your hands on something you do not have the right to use, you are stealing it. Besides, you are actually taking away the software creator's potential profits. Stare Not nice.

I only pirate because I can't afford to buy anything.

You cannot use that excuse and expect to be taken seriously. Can't afford Photoshop? Most people can't. That's why we use an alternative. I could name ten alternatives which are cheaper and in some cases, free! One is Gimp. Another is Paint.Net. You could even get Photoshop Elements in a bundle deal.

I'm bored, though. Piracy entertains me.

If you have so much free time that you need entertainment badly enough to pirate it, maybe you should be working on your own games! There are plenty of free tools available on the internet which allow you to create your own software and even make money from it! There's also plenty of information out there. These days, all you need to do is search "c++ how to make games" and you will find all the information you need.

Television shows are also sometimes free. You get plenty of free, ad-supported entertainment at Hulu, for example. Don't forget YouTube, either. There's also RocketJump and Crackle and so many other sites which offer plenty of legitimate entertainment and only ask that you watch an advertisement from time to time. YouTube even has a free movies section!

I pirate games because of DRM.

Nobody said that you are entitled to everything you want. Sure, DRM is annoying, but it does not justify piracy.

I pirate software for portable versions.

That's actually the only excuse I cannot be against. Portability is a cool feature. Most open source tools can be easily compiled for the Portable Apps suite, but commercial applications do not offer this capability for anti-piracy reasons.

If you take anything from this article, just remember that piracy is risky and can come with drastic consequences.

What kind of risks?

For starters, it is illegal and puts you and/or someone else at risk of going to jail and getting a huge fine.

You also risk getting viruses and malware from pirated files of any kind, even images. In fact, just browsing the web with JavaScript enabled can put you at risk of getting your computer afflicted by malicious code. That is why IT guys tell you to stay away from porn sites! Tongue

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