RuneScape: Evolution of Combat
posted by Syrsly on Jul 24, 2012

JaGeX, the company behind the MMORPG known as RuneScape, is hard at work on implementing a very large update to their game that I actually think is hilariously late. The update in question is titled "Evolution of Combat".

The Good

  • The new character models are looking fantastic and seem to offer a broader range of animations.
  • Dual-wielding is finally possible, so we have a reason not to want a shield.

The Bad

  • The "Action Bar" will probably make grindy tasks even more grindy, resulting in simpler skill progression.
  • New interface means having to relearn a lot of gameplay elements since a lot of the game revolved around mouse clicks.

The Silly

  • The "Action Bar" is just the standard hotkey bar you have seen in many previous MMORPGs and even modern games, including Dungeon Defenders and Guild Wars!
  • Can you dual-wield shields? I think I play Skyrim too much! Laughing out loud

Evolution of Combat is supposed to launch at the end of August.

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