Zelda 25YEARLEGEND Tribute: Free Music
posted by Syrsly on Nov 22, 2011

It is not often I have a good excuse to talk about music here, but 25YEARLEGEND is one such excuse. It is a fan-composed soundtrack tribute to The Legend of Zelda.

Straight from the soundtrack's site:

25YEARLEGEND was started by Rekcahdam as a small indie session, but quickly grew into a massive project with the help of all the indie artists involved. Each featured composer has worked on a notable project in the indie game community while being influenced by the music of Zelda some time in their lives. Hopefully this project will make the 25th anniversary of Zelda that much more enjoyable!

If you want to download the soundtrack, you have many options. Just click the image and visit the website. My favorite track is track 4 by Josh Morse. He really did a great job remixing an adventurous, beautiful, climatic song. What's your favorite track?

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