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GameKatana.com coming soon! Comments disabled for new users.

This site has been neglected for the past few months, and spammers have taken over the forum. That's OK, though! Because GetLives.com is going to be moving to GameKatana.com with a brand new website! It won't happen for another month or so, because I am busy with a lot of stuff and am doing a lot more than moving the site.

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Website Revamps and Contests

I have decided to run more contests, but I am doing them a bit differently now. Instead of having people sign up for contests via forms, I am requiring users to participate in discussions within the forums. Our first contest to be run this way is allowing you to win Nexuiz by talking about it.

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3DS Reviews Coming Soon! Need Your Thoughts!

I have added a system to the reviews roster: Nintendo 3DS!

Magicka Winner: Kaiburr30!

posted by Tap on Dec 17, 2011

user created imageWinner's name: Kaiburr30
Winner's Steam account: Kaiburr30

Reason won: Randomly won out of 11 entries.

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